Leuze electronic IO-Link USB-Master

Leuze electronic IO-Link USB-Master 2.01

Installs the device drivers for MD12-US2-IL and other IO-Link devices
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Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG

IO-Link USB-Master, along with Sensor Studio can be used to operate, configure, and diagnose sensors and actuators (10-Link devices) with an 10-Link interface. IO-Link USB-Master software package installs all the required Windows drivers for MD12-US2-IL and other IO-Link devices.

Every 10-Link device is described in its associated IODD file (10-Link Device Description. After reading this IODD file into the software, the 10-Link device connected to the 10-Link USB-Master can be conveniently operated, configured and checked in several languages. If no device is connected, it can still be configured offline.

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